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Budget and Money Management

Have you ever asked yourself where your money goes each month and do you have "more month left at the end of the money?" Do you feel you are "not getting anywhere" with paying off your debt? Then we have just what you need!

Counseling on budgeting and money management will assist you in developing a realistic spending plan that takes into account your monthly living expenses, debts and savings for emergencies and future goals. The following are a few of the areas you and your counselor will focus attention:

  • Tracking spending so that your spending plan is realistic
  • Developing short-term goals such as developing savings for emergencies or periodic expenses like insurance premiums
  • Developing long-term goals such as funds for retirement, college educations, or saving for a car or vacation
  • Shopping wisely
  • Ways in which to reduce spending and increase income when necessary
  • How to live on "take home pay" and not rely upon credit for expenses
  • Balancing your checkbook if necessary

Let us help you on your way to a secure financial future by contacting us for more information and to schedule an appointment.

Budgeting and Money Management counseling sessions generally last about 1.5 hours. These one-on-one sessions may be conducted in-person, by phone/mail or via the Internet utilizing e-mail. Counseling fees are based on the client's ability to pay using a sliding fee scale based on income. Counseling fees may be reduced or waived in cases of hardship and no client is refused service due to the inability to pay a fee.

Helping people find real solutions to real problems.

Consumer Credit Counseling Service (CCCS): Consumer Credit Counseling Service provides consumers in Southwest Alabama with assistance in managing personal finances, both preventive - for those wanting to avoid serious financial problems and rehabilitative - for those who are experiencing financial problems.

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