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Lesson Plans

Lessons: Grades 7 – 8

Middle school is a critical time for students to build on financial basics learned in elementary school, while creating a strong foundation for the money management skills they will learn in high school and beyond. These comprehensive, standards-based lessons feature teachers' guides, student activities, presentation resources, tools for assessment and more.

Grades 7 - 8
Teacher's Guides
Student Activities
Lesson 1: Making Decisions
Lesson 2: Making Money
Lesson 3: The Art of Budgeting
Lesson 4: Living on your Own
Lesson 5: Buying a Home
Lesson 6: Banking Services
Lesson 7: Credit
Lesson 8: Credit Cards
Lesson 9: Cars and Loans
Lesson 10: The Influence of Advertising
Lesson 11: Consumer Awareness
Lesson 12: Saving and Investing
Lesson 13: In Trouble
Lesson 14: Consumer Privacy
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